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Tabacaru, Simona
Taber, Philip O.L., Philip O.L. Taber is a librarian in the Hans W. Klohn Commons at the University of New Brunswick; email: <a href=""></a>.
Tachie-Donkor, Gloria, Gloria Tachie-Donkor is Junior Assistant Librarian; email: <a href=""></a>
Taft, Michael, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.
Tagge, Natalie
Talaga, James
Talar, S. Anita
Talbot, Richard J.
Tallent, Ed, Boston College.
Tallent, Ed, Harvard University.
Tallent, Ed
Tallman, Johanna E.
Talmadge, Robert L.
Tamblyn, Eldon W.
Tanaka, Azusa, Azusa Tanaka is Japanese Studies Librarian at the University of Washington; email: <a href=""></a>.
Tang, Qiong
Tang, Rong, Rong Tang is Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science of Simmons College;
Tanis, Norman E.
Tannehill, Robert S.
Tannenbaum, Earl
Tanner, Terence A.
Tapper, Ethel W.
Tariq, Muhammad
Tarr, Susan Akerstrom
Tashjian, Nouvart
Tate, Elizabeth L.
Tate, Vernon D.
Tatge, John
Tatum, G. Marvin
Taube, Mortimer
Tauber, Maurice F.
Taylor, Arlene G., Arlene G. Taylor is a Professor Emerita in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh;
Taylor, Arthur
Taylor, David C.
Taylor, Desmond
Taylor, Jaime, Jaime Taylor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Taylor, Jed H.
Taylor, Larry D.
Taylor, Laurie, University of Florida
Taylor, Laurie, University of Florida.
Taylor, Laurie N., University of Florida
Taylor, Merrily E.
Taylor, Rhonda Harris
Taylor, Robert S., Robert S. Taylor is Director of the Library at Hampshire College, Amherst, Mass. The work described here was accomplished at Lehigh University, while the author was Director of the Center for the Information Sciences, and was supported by grant from the A
Taylor, Robert S.
Taylor, Thelma V.
Teare, Robert F.
Tegler, Patricia
Tempelman-Kluit, Nadaleen, Nadaleen Tempelman-Kluit is Discovery & Digital Access Librarian at New York University, e-mail:;
Tempelman-Kluit, Nadaleen, Nadaleen Tempelman-Kluit is an Instructional Design Librarian in the Bobst Library at New York University;
Temple, Phillips
Tennant, Michele R.
Tenopir, Carol, Carol Tenopir is Chancellor’s Professor in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Tennessee–Knoxville; e-mail: <a href=""></a>. Elizabeth D. Dalton is an Assistant Professor at Middle Tennessee State
Tenopir, Carol, Carol Tenopir is a Professor in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Tennessee;
Teper, Jennifer Hain, Jennifer Hain Teper is at University of Illinois, email: <a href=""></a>.
Teper, Thomas H., Thomas H. Teper is Head of Preservation at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign;
Teper, Thomas H.
Teper, Thomas H., Thomas H. Teper is the Head of Preservation at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;
Teplitzky, Samantha, Samantha Teplitzky is Earth and Physical Sciences Librarian in the Physics-Astronomy Library and Margaret Phillips is Social Sciences Librarian & BRII Coordinator in the Education/Psychology Library at the University of California, Berkeley; e-mail: stepl
Terrill, Lori J., Lori J. Terrill is the Principal Serials Cataloger at the University of Wyoming;
Terry, Altha E.
Terry, James L.
Terry, James L., New York University
Terry, Terese Mulkern, University of Pennsylvania.
Terwilliger, Gloria
Tewell, Eamon C., Eamon C. Tewell, Columbia University
Tewell, Eamon C., Eamon C. Tewell is Reference &amp; Instruction Librarian at Long Island University, Brooklyn; e-mail: <a href=""></a>.
Thacker, Mara
Thatcher, Mary E.
Thayer, Gordon Woods
Theimer, William C.
Theriault, Frederick R.
Thiele, Harold E.
Thill, Mary
Thill, Mary, Mary Thill is Reference Coordinator and Humanities Librarian at Northeastern Illinois University, email: <a href=""></a>.
Thom, Ian W.
Thomas, Camille V.L., Camille V.L. Thomas is Scholarly Publishing Librarian at Texas Tech University Libraries; e-mail: <a href=""></a>. Richard J. Urban is Digital Asset Manager and Strategist at Corning Museum of Glass; e-ma
Thomas, Deborah, Deborah Thomas is the Technical Services Librarian in Hodges Library at the University of Tennessee;
Thomas, Joy
Thomas, Joy, Joy Thomas is a Librarian in the University Library at California State University, Long Beach;
Thomas, Lawrence
Thomas, Martha Lou
Thomas, Milton Halsey
Thomas, Paul, Paul Thomas is a library specialist at the University of Kansas (<a href=""></a>) as well as a student in the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree program in the School of Library and Information Management, Emporia S
Thomas, Sarah E.
Thomas, Steve
Thompson, Bruce, Bruce Thompson is Professor of Educational Psychology and Distinguished Research Scholar at Texas A&M University and Adjunct Professor of Community Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine;
Thompson, Cheryl A.
Thompson, Donald E.
Thompson, Hilary H., Hilary H. Thompson is Director, User Services &amp; Resource Sharing, at University of Maryland Libraries; email: <a href=""></a>.
Thompson, James
Thompson, James C.
Thompson, Laurie, Laurie Thompson is Director of Libraries;
Thompson, Lawrence
Thompson, Lawrence S.
Thoms, Becky, Becky Thoms is Head of Digital Initiatives, Utah State University Libraries; email: <a href=""></a>.
Thomsen, Cristina M., Cristina M. Thomsen is the Library Director in Chan Shun Centennial Library at Southwestern Adventist University;
Thomson, Dorothy F.
Thomson, Sarah Katharine
Thorn, Ian W.
Thorn, Max, Max Thorn, Queens College, City University of New York
Thorne, Rosemary
Thorngate, Sarah
Thornton, Eileen
Thornton, Joyce K., Joyce K. Thornton is Executive Assistant to the Dean and Director of Libraries at Texas A&M University;
Thornton, Joyce K., Joyce K. Thornton is Director for Specialized and Distance Library Services in the Sterling C. Evans Library at Texas A&M University;
Thornton-Verma, Etta, School Library Journal.
Thornton-Verma, Henrietta, DeVry Institute of Technology
Thorp, Kristen L.
Thorson, Connie Capers
Thrash, James R.
Throson, Connie Capers
Thurber, Evangeline
Tibbo, Helen R.
Tichenor, Barcus
Tiefel, Virginia
Tiffen, Belinda
Tijani, Solomon, Solomon Tijani is assistant researcher at the Nigeria Institute of Social and Economic Research; email: <a href=""></a>.
Tilghman, Adam, Adam Tilghman is the Web Programmer Analyst in the Science Libraries at the University of California-San Diego;
Tillett, Barbara B.
Tilley, Carol, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Tillotson, Joy
Titley, Joan
Tjaden, Margaret
Tober, Edward P.
Tobin, Carol M.
Todd, Andrew, Andrew Todd is Reference Librarian, Regional Campus Libraries at the University of Central Florida (BCC/UCF Joint Use Library); e-mail:
Todeschini, Marina
Tokarz, Rayla E.
Tolley-Stokes, Rebecca, East Tennessee State University
Tolliver, Don L.
Tompkins, Marjorie M.
Toms, Elaine G., Elaine G. Toms is an Associate Professor for Faculty of Information Studies at the University of Toronto;
Toney, Bernard J.
Toney, Stephen
Tonner, Shawn, Shawn Tonner is Director of the Hill Freeman Library & Spruill Learning Center at Reinhardt College;
Toomey, Alice F.
Tosaka, Yuji, Yuji Tosaka is Cataloging/Metadata Librarian and Cathy Weng is Head of Cataloging at The College of New Jersey Library; e-mail:,
Tosaka, Yuji
Tower, Kathleen R., Kathleen R. Tower is Head of Special Collections/Government Publications in the John U. Tomlinson Library at Mesa State College, Grand Junction, Colorado;
Towne, Jackson E.
Townley, Charles T.
Townley, Charles T., Charles T. Townley is a Professor in the New Mexico State University Library;
Townsend, Tamara, Tamara Townsend, Malcolm X College–City Colleges of Chicago
Toy, Ernest W.
Tracy, Daniel G.
Trainer, Karin A.
Traister, Daniel
Tran, Clara Y.
Tran, Ngoc-Yen, Ngoc-Yen Tran is Research Impact Librarian and Emily K. Chan Interim Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship at San José State University; email: </em><a href=""><em></em></a><em>, </em><a href="
Trask, Jay, Jay Trask is Head of Special Collection at the University of Northern Colorado; email: <a href=""></a>.
Travis, Tiffini Anne, Tiffini Anne Travis is the Psychology & Communication Studies Librarian at California State University at Long Beach;
Treadwell, Jane
Trei, Kelli
Tremaine, Marie
Trent, Robert Maxwell
Trevvett, Melissa D.
Treyz, Joseph H.
Trezza, Alphonse F.
Trimble, Carrie S.
Trinkaus-Randall, Gregor
Triumph, Therese F., Therese F. Triumph is Science Librarian at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, e-mail: Penny M. Beile is Associate Director, Information Services & Scholarly Communication, at University of Central Florida Libraries; e-mail: pbeile
Trotti, John B.
Troy, Zeliaette
Trudell, Libby
Truelson, Judith
Trueswell, Richard W.
Truett, Carol
Truman, Harry S.
Trumpeter, Margo
Trumpeter, Margo C.
Trussell, Alice, Alice Trussell is an Associate Professor and Engineering Librarian at Fiedler Engineering Library of Kansas State University;
Tryon, Roy H.
Tsai, Tien-I, Tien-I Tsai is a PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, email;
Tsien, Tsuen-Hsuin
Tsou, Andrew
Tucker, John Mark
Tucker, William P.
Tuckett, Harold W.
Tudesco, Sarah
Turner, Carol
Turner, Deborah, Deborah Turner is a doctoral student in the Information School at the University of Washington;
Turner, Harold M.
Turner, Jaymie
Turner, Robert L.
Turner, Stephen J.
Tuttle, Helen W.
Tutwiler, Paul
Tweedale, Dellene M.
Twyning, Amy Murray, University of Pittsburgh
Tyckoson, David A., David A. Tyckoson is Associate Dean at California State University, Fresno; e-mail:
Tyler, David C., David C. Tyler is Collections Analyst &amp; Strategist in the University Libraries at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; email: <a href=""></a>.
Tyler, David C., David C. Tyler is Reference Librarian and Professor in Libraries, Joyce C. Melvin is Interlibrary Loan Manager, MaryLou Epp is Serials Records Specialist, Technical Services, and Anita M. Kreps is Database Project Specialist, Technical Services, in Univer