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Current Issue: January 2019

Cover: College & Research Libraries January 2019

Authorship and the Consideration of Alternatives

Bruce E. Herbert and Wendi Arant Kaspar

Originally, this editorial was intended as a discussion of authorship norms across disciplines—a seemingly harmless topic relevant to academic libraries given libraries provide guidance and access to knowledge in all disciplines and can serve as the linchpin in multi-, inter- or transdisciplinary research. Our explorations, though, led us in a different direction, one that has implications for this journal. ...

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Library User Education as a Window to Understand Inquiry-Based Learning in the Context of Higher Education in Asia: A Comparative Study between Peking University and the University of Tsukuba

Qianxiu Liu, Bradley Allard, Patrick Lo, Qingshan Zhou, Tianji Jiang, Hiroshi Itsumura

This study is based on the belief of that enquiry-based learning should be made an integral part of any student’s learning, especially at university level. To find out the students’ perceptions towards library user education, 426 questionnaire surveys have been collected from the Peking University (PKU), China and the University of Tsukuba (UT), Japan. The results of this study indicate that compared with UT, PKU students on the whole expressed higher ratings in many areas towards the user education programs provided by their respective library ...

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Authentic Assessment of Student Learning in an Online Class: Implications for Embedded Practice

Jessica Alverson, Jennifer Schwartz, Sue Shultz

According to the 2017 Distance Education Enrollment Report, the number of students enrolled in online courses has been increasing year after year, with over 6 million students taking at least one online course in 2015. The students who are enrolled in online classes, however, aren’t always prepared for the work expected of them. One survey conducted in 2016 found that nearly 60% of faculty who engage in online teaching strongly agree that their undergraduate students have poor research skills ...

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Research is an Activity and a Subject of Study: A Proposed Metaconcept and Its Practical Application

Allison Hosier

Information literacy instruction based on the ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education tends to focus on basic research skills. However, research is not just a skill but also a subject of study. The ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education opens the door to integrating the study of research into information literacy instruction via its acknowledgement of the contextual nature of research. ...

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Using Data Mining for Citation Analysis

Philip B. White

This paper presents a new model for citation analysis, applying new methodological approaches in citation studies. These methods are demonstrated by an analysis of cited references from publications by the Geological Sciences faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder. The author made use of simple Python scripting, the Web of Science API, and OpenRefine to examine the most frequently cited journals ...

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Visual Literacy in Practice: Use of Images in Students’ Academic Work

Krystyna K. Matusiak, Chelsea Heinbach, Anna Harper, Michael Bovee

Digital technology has changed the way in which students utilize visual materials in academic work and has increased the importance of visual literacy skills. This paper reports the findings of a research project examining undergraduate and graduate students’ visual literacy skills and use of images in the context of academic work. The study explored types of visual resources used, the role that images play in academic papers and presentations ...

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