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Forum • March 2016

College & Research Libraries Forum on Assessment in Action Special Issue

Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Julia Bauder, Kevin Engel, Phil Jones, and Brandy Whitlock

Join us for an author panel discussion on Action Research with authors of articles in the March 2016 College & Research Libraries special issue ...

The Practice and Promise of Critical Information Literacy: Academic Librarians' Involvement in Critical Library Instruction

Eamon C. Tewell

Critical information literacy is a way of thinking and teaching that examines the social construction and political dimensions of libraries and information, problematizing information’s production and use so that library users may think critically about such forces. Being an educational approach that acknowledges and emboldens learners’ agency, critical information literacy has much to offer librarians. ...

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Format Aside: Applying Beall's Criteria to Assess the Predatory Nature of both OA and Non-OA Library and Information Science Journals

Joseph D. Olivarez, Stephen Bales, Laura Sare, Wyoma vanDuinkerken

Jeffrey Beall’s blog listing of potential predatory journals and publishers, as well as his Criteria for Determining Predatory Open-Access (OA) Publishers are often looked at as tools to help researchers avoid publishing in predatory journals. While these Criteria has brought a greater awareness of OA predatory journals ...

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Librarians' Perspectives on the Factors Influencing Research Data Management Programs

Ixchel M. Faniel, Lynn Silipigni Connaway

This qualitative research study examines librarians’ research data management (RDM) experiences, specifically the factors that influence their ability to support researchers’ needs. Findings from interviews with 36 academic library professionals in the United States identify 5 factors of influence: 1) technical resources; 2) human resources ...

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Credit-Bearing Information Literacy Courses in Academic Libraries: Comparing Peers

Spencer Jardine, Sandra Shropshire, Regina Koury

This article identifies variations that are within the credit-bearing information literacy (IL) programs of a group of similar libraries: Idaho State University’s peer institutions that have been formally designated by the Idaho State Board of Education. ...

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Faculty Perceptions of Plagiarism: Insight for Librarians' Information Literacy Programs

Russell Michalak, Monica Rysavy, Kevin Hunt, Bernice Smith, Joel Worden

Using a survey modified from The Plagiarism Handbook (Harris, 2001, p. 39), the research team surveyed all undergraduate and graduate faculty (n=79) teaching during the Fall 2016 semester at a small private college in the United States. With a final survey response rate of 59.5% (n=47), the researchers learned that while the faculty's definitions of plagiarism fluctuated, ...

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Autism and the Academic Library: A Study of Online Communication

Amelia Anderson

Increased prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnoses within the general population is reflected in the growing number of college and university students with ASD. This exploratory study used an unobtrusive qualitative content analysis design to explore the experiences of students with ASD in academic libraries. ...

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