College & Research Libraries is a scholarly research journal published by the Association of College & Research Libraries.

Current Issue: May 2019

Cover: College & Research Libraries volume 80, number 4, May 2019

Innovation, Disruption and Sense-making

Wendi Arant Kaspar

Innovation, specifically innovation in information technology and computing systems, has, in my mind, changed the world more quickly than any other type of innovation we've seen. Whether or not it has improved the world may be subject to debate, but it has definitely sped the rate of change to a pace that is hard to fathom. ...

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Bridging the Chasm: Faculty Support Roles for Academic Librarians in the Adoption of Open Educational Resources

Dr. Braddlee, Amy VanScoy

Despite demonstrated student benefits from Open Educational Resources (OER), especially those in community colleges, faculty adoption remains marginal. This study is framed by diffusion of innovations theory, which acknowledges that adoption of an innovation must exceed a tipping point to ensure enduring success. The study focuses on community college faculty with demonstrated OER engagement, on the basis that these faculty have greater likelihood to adopt OER and help “bridge the chasm.” ...

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Have Academic Libraries Overcome the Gender Wage Gap? An Analysis of Gender Pay Inequality

Quinn Galbraith, Adam Henry Callister, Heather Kelley

This report draws upon two data sets to examine the gender wage gap among member institutions of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). The first data set consists of 35 years of salary survey data collected by ARL and is used to provide trend data on the gender wage gap from 1980 to 2014 as well as present an in-depth look at the wage gap in 2014. ...

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Altruism or Self-Interest? Exploring the Motivations of Open Access Authors

Robert Heaton, Dylan Burns, Becky Thoms

More than 250 authors at Utah State University published an Open Access (OA) article in 2016. Analysis of survey results and publication data from Scopus suggests that the following factors led authors to choose OA venues: ability to pay publishing charges, disciplinary colleagues’ positive attitudes toward OA, and personal feelings such as altruism and desire to reach a wide audience. ...

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The State of Academic Liaison Librarian Burnout in ARL Libraries in the United States

Jennifer Nardine

This study investigates the incidence and acuteness of occupational burnout in full-time Association of Research Libraries (ARL) liaison/subject librarians in the United States, using the Maslach Burnout Inventory and Areas of Worklife Survey. Findings show that lack of personal agency is the primary contributor to a sense of burnout and that, while many liaisons feel significant levels of overwork and lack of fair treatment, positive correlation between institutional and personal values runs high regardless of gender, time as a liaison, or time spent at a particular institution. ...

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Citing East Asia: A Citation Study on the Use of East Asian Materials in East Asian Studies Dissertations

Xiang Li

Aiming to understand how scholars of East Asian Studies use East Asian sources (mainly in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) in their research, this citation study analyzed bibliographies of 213 PhD dissertations from 32 (East) Asian Studies programs in the United States and Canada from 2013 to 2015. ...

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