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Current Issue: May 2018

Cover: College & Research Libraries May 2018

Outcomes Assessment in Undergraduate Information Literacy Instruction: A Systematic Review

Allison Erlinger

There is a well -established need for academic libraries to demonstrate their impact on student learning, particularly through the application of mea surable o utcomes in information literacy instruction (ILI). Recent literature is replete with articles both outlining the importance of welldesigned assessment as an integral part of ILI and providing examples of the methods being used at particular institutions. ...

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The Boolean is Dead, Long Live the Boolean! Natural Language versus Boolean Searching in Introductory Undergraduate Instruction

M. Sara Lowe, Bronwen K. Maxson, Sean M. Stone, Willie Miller, Eric Snajdr, Kathleen Hanna

Boolean logic can be a difficult concept for first-year, introductory students to grasp. This paper compares the results of Boolean and natural language searching across several databases with searches created from student research questions. Performance differences between databases varied. Overall, natural search language is at least as good as Boolean searching. With evidence that students struggle to grasp Boolean searching ...

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Three Perspectives on Information Literacy in Academia: Talking to Librarians, Faculty, and Students

Anna Yevelson-Shorsher, Jenny Bronstein ...

This study presents three perspectives on the subject of information literacy skills in academia by examining the perceptions of students, teaching faculty, and librarians. Information literacy (sometime referred to as critical thinking or research skills) has become a crucial set of skills in academic work since developments in informational and technological environments have given students access to vast amounts of information that is often unsupported, unfiltered, and unreliable. ...

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Buy, Borrow, or Steal? Film Access for Film Studies Students

Wendy Rodgers

Libraries offer a mix of options to serve the film studies curriculum: streaming video, DVDs on Reserve, and streaming DVDs through online classrooms. Some professors screen films and lend DVDs to students. But how do students obtain the films required for their courses? How would they prefer to do so? These are among the questions explored using data obtained by surveying students at one Canadian university, and faculty and librarians at ten Canadian universities that offer film studies programs. ...

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Discovery and the Disciplines: An Inquiry into the Role of Subject Databases through Citation Analysis

Alexa L. Pearce

Libraries have adopted web scale discovery services with the goal of providing their users with a streamlined research experience. However, the single search box that characterizes web scale discovery is one option among many that libraries continue to provide, including subject databases and other legacy tools. Libraries lack evidence as to which of these tools are best suited to the various stages and levels of expertise that may characterize a user’s research process. ...

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Systemic Workplace Barriers for Academic Librarians with Disabilities

Joanne Oud

Although studies related to diversity within librarianship as a profession are increasing, few have examined librarians with disabilities and none so far have included their voices or perspectives. This qualitative study involved interviews with ten academic librarians with disabilities in Canada. With a grounding in the social model of disability, it examines their workplace experiences and concerns and the barriers they face within the context of cultural assumptions about disability and work ...

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