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Page, B. S.
Page, Jessica R.
Page, Jessica R., Jessica R. Page is Assistant Professor and Head, Veterinary Medicine Library at The Ohio State University, e-mail:;
Pagell, Ruth A.
Pagotto, Sabina, Sabina Pagotto is Client Services &amp; Assessment Librarian at Scholars Portal, email: <a href=""></a>.
Pagowsky, Nicole, Nicole Pagowsky is Associate Librarian with a focus on curriculum and pedagogy at the University of Arizona Libraries. She is also adjunct faculty with the University of Arizona iSchool and teaches LIS 581: Information Literacy Pedagogy.
Paine, Clarence S.
Painter, Ann F.
Palais, Elliot S.
Palmer, Foster M.
Palmer, Kristi L., Kristi L. Palmer is Assistant Librarian at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis;
Palmini, Cathleen C.
Palumbo, Laura, Laura Palumbo is Chemistry &amp; Physics Librarian/Science Data Specialist at Rutgers University; email: <a href=""></a>.
Panetta, Rebecca
Pankake, Marcia
Pankake, Marcia Jean
Pankow, David
Panofsky, Hans E.
Paradise, Laurin
Pardue, Harold
Pargellis, Stanley
Parish, David W.
Park, Betsy
Parker, Joshua
Parker, Linda L.
Parker, Ralph H.
Parker, Susan E., Susan E. Parker is Deputy University Librarian and CFO at UCLA Library, University of California, Los Angeles;
Parker, Thomas F.
Parker, Wyman S.
Parker, Wyman W.
Parks, James F.
Parmer, Coleen
Parr, Mary
Parr, Mary Y.
Parrine, Mary Jane
Parrott, Jill
Parson, Willie L.
Pascual, Rosaura Fernandez
Pask, Judith M.
Passonneau, Sarah, Sarah Passonneau is Assistant to the Dean and Assessment Librarian, and Dan Coffey is Languages and Literatures Librarian and Instant Messaging Coordinator, both at Iowa State University Library; e-mail:,
Pasterczyk, Catherine E.
Pasternack, Howard
Pastine, Maureen
Patrick, Ruth J.
Patterson, Kelly
Patterson, Lotsee
Pattillo, Manning M.
Paul, Magdalena
Paulson, Peter J.
Pautzsch, Richard O.
Pavelich, David, University of Chicago.
Pawley, Carolyn
Paylore, Patricia
Payne, Eleanor R.
Payne, H. T.
Payne, John, Furman University.
Payne, Joyce
Payson, Evelyn
Peace, Nancy E.
Peacemaker, Bettina
Pearce, Alexa, Alexa Pearce is Librarian for History & American Culture at the University of Michigan Library, e-mail:
Pearce, Alexa L., Alexa L. Pearce is Head, Social Sciences &amp; Clark Library, at the University of Michigan Library; email: <a href=""></a>.
Pease, Sue
Pedersen, Terri L.
Pedersen, Wayne A., Wayne A. Pedersen is Head of Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery at Iowa State University Library;
Peep, L.
Pegrum, Mark, Mark Pegrum is Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education at The University of Western Australia; e-mail:
Peguese, Charles R.
Peirce, Roberta
Peiss, Reuben
Pelikan, Michael
Pellegrino, Catherine, Catherine Pellegrino is Reference and Instruction Librarian at Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana, e-mail: <a href=""></a>.
Pelton, Stephen, The State University of New York at Buffalo.
Pelzer, Nancy L., Nancy L.Pelzer is an associate professor at Iowa State University;
Pemberton, J. Michael
Penalosa, Fernando
Pencek, Bruce, Bruce Pencek is College Librarian for the Social Sciences;
Pendell, Kimberly
Peng, Ke
Penna, Carlos Victor
Pepin, Theresa
Perez, Alice, Alice Perez is Librarian for Psychology, Cognitive Science & Education at the Social Sciences & Humanities Library, University of California–San Diego, e-mail:; and
Perk, Lawrence J.
Perkins, Gay Helen, Gay Helen Perkins is Professor Emerita and Amy J.W. Slowik is Assistant Professor in the Department of Library Public Services at Western Kentucky University; e-mail:,
Perkins, Gay Helen, Gay Helen Perkins is the Business Librarian at Western Kentucky University Libraries;
Perkins, James A.
Perkins, Jeff, Jeff Perkins is Senior Information Specialist, Digital Access;
Perrault, Anna H., Anna H. Perrault is Associate Professor in the School of Library and Information Science at the University of South Florida;
Perrault, Anna H., Anna H. Perrault is an Associate Professor of Library and Information Science at the University of South Florida;
Perreault, J.M.
Perreault, Jean M.
Perreault, , J. M.
Perrine, Richard H.
Perruso, Carol, Carol Perruso is Associate Librarian for Social Work and Journalism, and Collection Development Officer in the University Library at California State University, Long Beach; e-mail:
Perry, Charles E.
Perry, Emma Bradford
Perry, Heather Brodie, Heather Brodie Perry is Reference Librarian, Assistant Professor at Stonehill College and a PhD Student at Simmons College; e-mail: <a href=""></a>.
Perry, J. W.
Perry, James W.
Perry, Michael R., Michael R. Perry is Head of Assessment and Planning at Northwestern University; email: <a href=""></a>.
Perry, Warren L.
Person, Roland
Person, Ruth J.
Persson, Dorothy, Dorothy Persson is Head of the Psychology and Physics Libraries at the University of Iowa;
Peskind, Ira J.
Petchenik, Barbara Bartz
Peters, Andrew
Peters, Thomas A.
Petersen, H. Craig
Peterson, Kenneth G.
Peterson, Peggy
Peterson, Sandra K.
Peterson, Stephen L.
Peterson, Vivian A.
Petras, Vivien
Petrof, Barbara G.
Pettit, Henry
Pfaffenberger, Bryan, University of Virginia.
Pfister, Fred C.
Pharo, Nils, Nils Pharo is a Professor at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences; e-mail:
Phelps, Rose B.
Phifer, Kenneth O.
Phillips, John C., John C. Phillips is Associate Professor of Library Administration and Map Librarian at the University of Toledo Libraries;
Phillips, Joyce S.
Phillips, Linda L.
Phillips, Loreen S., University of Texas–Dallas, Richardson, Texas
Phillips, Loreen S., University of Texas–Dallas
Phillips, Margaret
Phinazee, Annette Hoage
Phipps, Barbara H.
Phipps, Shelley
Pho, Annie, Annie Pho, University of San Francisco
Pickard, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Pickard is Liaison, College of Education, and Assistant Professor, Reference Department; and Firouzeh Logan is Head, Reference Department, and Assistant Professor in Richard J. Daley Library at University of Illinois at Chicago; e-mail: epickard
Pickett, Carmelita, Carmelita Pickett is Head of Collection Development Operations & Acquisitions Services, Simona Tabacaru is Development Relations Specialist, and Jeanne Harrell is Coordinator of Monograph & Automated Acquisitions, all at Texas A&M University Libraries; e-
Pickett, Carmelita
Piele, Linda J.
Pierard, Cindy, Cindy Pierard is Director of Access Services and Undergraduate Engagement and Assistant Professor, email: <a href=""></a>, at the University of New Mexico.
Pierce, Anton R.
Pierson, Margaret
Pierson, Robert M.
Pilch, Janice T., Janice T. Pilch is Slavic and East European Technical Services Librarian and Assistant Professor of Library Administration at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;
Ping, Ke, Ke Ping is Director of the Department of Library and Information Sciences in the Zhengzhou University Library;
Pings, Vern M.
Pinto, Maria, Maria Pinto is professor in the Faculty of Library and Information Science at the University of Granada;;
Pinto, Maria, Maria Pinto is on the Faculty of Information Science at the University of Granada; email: <a href=""></a>.
Piotrowski, Pattie
Piternick, Anne Brearley
Piternick, George
Pitts-Noggle, Stephanie
Pizer, Irwin H.
Plant, Marjorie
Plate, Kenneth
Plotkin, Jack
Plum, Dorothy A.
Pollard, Frances M.
Pomfret, John L.
Pond, Kurt
Pontau, Donna Zufan
Poole, Carolyn E., Carolyn E. Poole is Director of Library Services at Chipola Junior College;
POOLE, CAROLYN E., Chipola Junior College, Marianna, Florida,
Poole, Frazer G.
Poole, Herbert
Poole, Jay Martin
Pooler, Jack
Poor, Jeanette
Popa, Diana, Diana Popa is a Lecturer in the Departments of Education and Linguistics at the University of Vermont; email: <a href=""></a>.
Popa, Opritsa D.
Pope, Mary Frances
Popovich, Charles J.
Porterfield, Genevieve
Post, J. B.
Postell, William Dosite
Potnis, Devendra, Devendra Potnis is an Associate Professor in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville; email: <a href=""></a>. Kevin Mallary is Instructor in the Department of Communication at Weste
Potter, William Gray, The University of Georgia, Athens.
Potthoff, Joy K., Joy K. Potthoff is an Associate Professor in the School of Family and Consumer Sciences at Bowling Green State University;
Potvin, Sarah, Digital Scholarship Librarian and Associate Professor, Texas A&M University Libraries
Poulos, Angela
Pound, Mary
Pourciau, Lester J.
Povsic, Francka
Powell, Benjamin E.
Powell, Christina Kelleher
Powell, Janice J.
Powell, Lawrence Clark
Powell, Ronald R., Ronald R. Powell is a Professor in the Library and Information Science Program at Wayne State University;
Powell, Ronald R.
Powell, Ronald R., Ronald R. Powell is a Professor in the Library and Information Science Program at Wayne State University;
Powell, Ted F.
Powell, Whiton
Powers, Milton
Pownall, David E.
Prabha, Chandra
Prather, James E.
Pratt, Allan D.
Pratt, E. Carl
Pratt, Lula K.
Presgraves, Jim, ABAA, Bookworm & Silverfish.
Presley, Erin
Presser, Carolynne
Preston, Cynthia, Cynthia Preston is a Reference/Collection Development Librarian in the Education, Human Ecology, Psychology, and Social Work Library at Ohio State University;
Price, Cheryl A.
Price, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Price is Business Librarian and Assistant Professor in the James Madison University Libraries and Educational Technologies; e-mail: <a href=""></a>.
Price, Miles O.
Price-Wilkin, John
Priddle, Charlotte, Charlotte Priddle is Librarian for Printed Books in Fales Library & Special Collections of New York University Libraries; e-mail: Laura McCann is Conservation Librarian in the Barbara Goldsmith Preservation & Conservation Depart
Prince, Nandi, Nandi Prince, New York City College of Technology
Prince, Vivian
Printo, Maria
Pritchard, Hugh
Pritsker, Alan B.
Proctor, Edward
Promann, Marlen
Promí, Patricia
Provan, Jill
Prunty, Merle C.
Pryor, Judith
Pullman, Ethan, Carnegie Mellon University
Pullman, Ethan, Carnegie Mellon University.
Purcell, Gary R.
Purdy, G. Flint
Putnam, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Putnam is the Social Sciences and Exercise Science Librarian in the Lucy Scribner Library at Skidmore College;