Amanda Nichols Hess. Modular Online Learning Design: A Flexible Approach for Diverse Learning Needs. Chicago, IL: ALA Editions, 2020. 144p. Paper, $65.99 (ISBN: 978-0838948125).

Lauren deLaubell


Modular Online Learning Design presents a modular approach to the design of online learning objects. The term modular is typically applied to a product with individually engineered components, such as a house or a smartphone (assembled with Processor X, Screen Y, Camera Z, and so on). Applied to an online class or tutorial, this looks like “constructing broader academic experiences out of smaller learning units” (2). A modular approach lends itself to more easily scaled and modified content. In a pedagogical sense, it also echoes the concept of “chunking” content into smaller, more digestible bites for learners.

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