Information Literacy and Theological Librarianship: Theory and Praxis. Bobby Smiley, ed. Chicago, IL: Atla Open Press, an imprint of the American Theological Library Association, 2019. 189p. Paper, $35.00 (ISBN: 978-1-949800-01-2).

Mark Shelton


It is easy to think that, since a book may focus on a particular topic, it means that it is not useful beyond those in that field. That is not the case when it comes to American Theological Library Association’s new edited publication Information Literacy and Theological Librarianship. Bobby Smiley, editor and librarian at Vanderbilt University’s Divinity Library, has pulled together authors whose chapters can easily serve both theological librarians and information literacy and instruction librarians. The latter group will find useful information that can be tailored to their needs. The subject-level perspective also provides a lens that can help in approaching other fields. All of the chapter authors are affiliated with a range of different theological libraries at colleges, universities, and seminaries.

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