What Do You Want from Us? Evaluating Student Interest in Technology-Based Services in Academic Libraries

Susan Elkins, Soo-yeon Hwang, Dianna Kim, Tyler Manolovitz, Kat Landry Mueller, Erin Owens


Following two previous studies in 2010 and 2013, this study intends to identify current trends of Sam Houston State University students’ technology and communication needs and preferences regarding library services and resources. Drawing comparisons to two previous local studies and national data sets, such as those from Pew Internet Research and the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR), the findings revealed, among other things, a decline in tablet usage and interest, continued need for library computers, and a complex relationship between social media usage and engagement with the library. The results of this survey will inform and guide the library and the profession to most efficiently and effectively offer desired library services and engage students on appropriate social media platforms.

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Copyright Susan Elkins, Soo-yeon Hwang, Dianna Kim, Tyler Manolovitz, Kat Landry Mueller, Erin Owens

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