Melissa N. Mallon. The Pivotal Role of Academic Librarians in Digital Learning. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Libraries Unlimited, 2018. 150p. Paper. $50.00 (ISBN: 978-1-4408-5217-6). LC Z675.U5 M327.

Sarah Rose Fitzgerald


The Pivotal Role of Academic Librarians in Digital Learning contains a collection of chapters that relate to the instruction of digital literacy and information literacy in the digital age. Since the digital landscape changes rapidly, it is important to have current information on this topic. Chapter 1 provides an overview of what instruction librarians do. The account of curriculum mapping is particularly useful. Chapter 2 discusses the particular library instruction needs of professional programs in universities. Chapter 3 is the core of the book, describing what digital literacy is and what is needed by students who live in the digital age. Chapter 4 explores library pedagogical techniques in the online learning environment. Chapter 5 outlines library instructional assessment; several good ideas for assignments to gauge student learning are offered. Chapter 6 covers information literacy instruction in general education courses in which students are introduced to college-level information literacy. Chapter 7 discusses combining self-directed and collaborative learning in library instruction. Chapter 8 wraps the book up by relating information literacy instruction to the overarching goals of a university. The author also offers a brief, unnumbered conclusion to finish the book.

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