Parallel Lines: A Mixed Methods Impact Analysis of Co-Curricular Digital Literacy Online Modules on Student Results in First-Year Nursing

Fiona Russell, Chris Rawson, Chrissy Freestone, Michael Currie, Blair Kelly


An important component of the academic health librarian role is the establishment of interventions to support the development of student skills in evidence-based practice. It is important for practicing librarians to evaluate their activities to determine effectiveness and to inform decision making and best practice in librarianship. A series of six online modules was developed for a core first-year Bachelor of Nursing unit. Modules were subsequently investigated for impact on student learning of evidence-based practice by determining any correlation between students’ completion of the modules and their academic performance. The level of students’ interest and engagement was also examined through a survey about their experiences of and attitudes toward the modules. A positive correlation was found between module completion and attainment of higher grades by students. Feedback from the survey indicated that students engaged positively with the modules.

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