Experiencing Evidence-Based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP): Academic Librarians' Perspective

Lili Luo


This study investigates practitioners’ involvement in Evidence-Based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP) at an academic library. Through focus group interviews, the study reveals that most of the evidence-bases decisions in academic library practice are considered “Know-what (works)” and serve the “instrumental” purpose, seeking to determine what actions will lead to desired outcomes in addressing a specific problem. Practitioners use a wide range of evidence sources to support their decision making. Challenges they encounter in EBLIP related to time, mentoring/training, availability and accessibility of evidence, organizational culture, and personality. Study findings will help increase the awareness of evidence-based practice in academic libraries, deepen the professional understanding of EBLIP, enrich the literature on the topic, and identify important issues pertinent to EBLIP for further exploration.

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