Library Technology Buying Strategies. Ed. Marshall Breeding. Chicago: ALA editions, 2016. 136p. Paper, $55.00 (ISBN 978-0-8389-1467-0).

Michael C. McGuire


Writing about technology, especially writing guides for technology, has often been compared to hitting a moving target or trying to nail gelatin to a wall. In fact, the process is more akin to trying to nail smoke to a wall; at least one can hold gelatin in place. Changes in the technology landscape happen at such a pace that a guide composed a year ago is nearly obsolete, while anything greater than five years old often has little more than historical value. So, when writing a guide for technology, it is important to focus on concepts that will hold true over time rather than dwelling on particular providers or specific systems. With a few exceptions, Library Technology Buying Strategies falls neatly into this category. Of equal importance, the book meets its stated objective: “My aim is to provide substance beyond the buzzwords and hype” (viii).

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