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Current Issue: September 2018

Cover: College & Research Libraries September 2018

Considering Developmental Peer Review

Wendi Arant Kaspar, Sarah Hare, Cara Evanson, Emily Ford, John M. Budd

The past couple of years have seen high level discussions and concerted efforts in ACRL on open peer review, as a more inclusive and transparent process for assessing research and best practice. Emily Ford, Chair of ACRL’s Publication Coordinating Committee (PCC), raised level of awareness and worked with the Editorial Board of C&RL to investigate how open peer review (OPR) might look for the journal. ...

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Information Privilege Outreach for Undergraduate Students

Sarah Hare, Cara Evanson

Through their affiliation with an institution of higher education, undergraduate students are able to access a range of research materials and, as a result, enter the scholarly conversation and build upon existing research. This ability to access information that others cannot is called information privilege. ...

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Faculty Perceptions of Plagiarism: Insight for Librarians' Information Literacy Programs

Russell Michalak, Monica Rysavy, Kevin Hunt, Bernice Smith, Joel Worden

Using a survey modified from The Plagiarism Handbook (Harris, 2001, p. 39), the research team surveyed all undergraduate and graduate faculty (n=79) teaching during the Fall 2016 semester at a small private college in the United States. With a final survey response rate of 59.5% (n=47), the researchers learned that while the faculty's definitions of plagiarism fluctuated ...

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Is It Such a Big Deal? On the Cost of Journal Use in the Digital Era

Fei Shu, Philippe Mongeon, Stefanie Haustein, Kyle Siler, Juan Pablo Alperin, Vincent Larivière

Commercial scholarly publishers promote and sell bundles of journals—known as big deals—that provide access to entire collections rather than individual journals. Following this new model, size of serial collections in academic libraries increased almost fivefold from 1986 to 2011. Using data on library subscriptions and references made for a sample of North American universities, this study provides evidence that, while big deal bundles do decrease the mean price per subscribed journal, academic libraries receive less value for their investment. ...

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Evolving and Enduring Patterns Surrounding Student Usage and Perceptions of Academic Library Reference Services

Jodi Jameson, Gerald Natal, John Napp

This descriptive study analyzes results from an 18-item survey which assessed students’ usage and perceptions of library reference services at a comprehensive public metropolitan university. Among 235 surveys completed between November 2016 and January 2017, the majority of respondents represented the “Generation Z” population of college students, 18 to 24 years of age. ...

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The Scholarly Impact of Books Acquired via Approval Plan Selection, Librarian Orders, and Patron-driven Acquisitions as Measured by Citation Counts

David C. Tyler, Brianna D. Hitt, Francis A. Nterful, McKenna R. Mettling

Patron-driven acquisition has been an important, if contentious, topic for decades, with numerous programs having been piloted, adopted, and reported on, largely favorably, in the library literature. Still, questions and doubts persist for academic libraries, especially where the composition of vendor plans and packages and the judgement of patrons are concerned. Past literature has approached the assessment ...

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