College & Research Libraries is a scholarly research journal published by the Association of College & Research Libraries.

Current Issue: November 2019

Cover: College & Research Libraries volume 80, number 7, November 2019


Lauren A. Camarillo

One of my priorities is to bring different perspectives to the readership of College & Research Libraries. They may come from many different contexts and address a variety of issues. The guest editorial in this issue of C&RL is a voice new to the profession, from a graduate student at Illinois, an ALA Spectrum Scholar and an ARL Diversity Scholar who is addressing a meaningful question. ...

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In Aggregate: Trends, Needs, and Opportunities from Research Data Management Surveys

Abigail Goben, Tina Griffin

A popular starting point for libraries engaging in research data management (RDM) services is a needs assessment (NA); a preliminary count identified more than 50 published NA case studies. However, no overarching analysis has yet been conducted. The authors compared assessments to characterize the case study institution types; establish the target population assessed ...

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Dissatisfaction in Chat Reference Users: A Transcript Analysis Study

Judith Logan, Kathryn Barrett, Sabina Pagotto

This study aims to identify factors and behaviors associated with user dissatisfaction with a chat reference interaction to provide chat operators with suggestions of behaviors to avoid. The researchers examined 473 transcripts from an academic chat reference consortium from June to December 2016. Transcripts were coded for 13 behaviors that were then statistically analyzed with exit survey ratings. ...

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Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost: Preservation in the Age of Shared Print and Withdrawal Projects

Zachary Maiorana, Ian Bogus, Mary Miller, Jacob Nadal, Katie Risseeuw, Jennifer Hain Teper

This paper’s review of current issues in shared print retention and preservation identifies such shared issues as the cataloging and validation, retention and withdrawal of holdings, loss rates, current condition of holdings, recommendations for the number of copies to retain, and storage environments. Library institutions require a communitywide dialogue assessing practical retention concerns. ...

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First Principles: Designing Services for First-Generation Students

Xan Arch, Isaac Gilman

For many first-generation college students, traditional academic culture and structures can create barriers to their engagement on campus and academic success. To ensure that academic libraries are not also presenting unnecessary challenges to these students, first-generation needs and expectations should be important considerations in library service and facility design initiatives. ...

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Affective Aspects of Instruction Librarians’ Decisions to Adopt New Teaching Practices: Laying the Groundwork for Incremental Change

Elizabeth Galoozis

This article addresses the question: How do emotions and emotional labor relate to instruction librarians’ motivations to adopt new teaching practices? Twelve information literacy instruction librarians were interviewed about their motivations to adopt new teaching practices. An initial round of coding was completed using grounded theory, to surface themes of motivations to adopt new teaching practices. In a second round, the themes were retained while further coding was used to identify language reflective of emotion and affective labor, along with five conditions for human motivation identified by Charles J. Walker and Cynthia Symons: competence, autonomy, worthwhile goal-setting, feedback, and affirmation. ...

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