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Current Issue: July 2020

Cover: College & Research Libraries volume 81, number 5, July 2020

Boundaries: Some Thoughts on Space…

Wendi Arant Kaspar

Boundaries are much on my mind these days—from travel restrictions and lockdowns between countries, state border checks, local shelter in place orders, and all the way down to maintaining 6 feet of distance between individuals. ...

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“Without That Detail, I’m Not Coming”: The Perspectives of Students with Disabilities on Accessibility Information Provided on Academic Library Websites

Amelia Brunskill

Although most academic library websites include a webpage of information intended for users with disabilities, no research was located that solicited feedback about users’ needs or preferences for these pages. ...

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News Credibility: Adapting and Testing a Source Evaluation Assessment in Journalism

Piotr S. Bobkowski, Karna Younger

This paper discusses the development of a source evaluation assessment, and presents the results of using this instrument in a one-semester information literacy course for journalism students. The assessment was developed using the threshold concept perspective, the “authority is constructed and contextual” frame, and an established source evaluation rubric. ...

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Perceptions toward Artificial Intelligence among Academic Library Employees and Alignment with the Diffusion of Innovations’ Adopter Categories

Brady D. Lund, Isaiah Omame, Solomon Tijani, Daniel Agbaji

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a topic of interest among information technology innovators. As AI is refined, practical uses of the technology to improve the transfer of information are increasingly investigated, developed, and adopted in a variety of public environments, including in libraries. ...

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Copyright and Digital Collections: A Data-Driven Roadmap for Rights Statement Success

Sara R. Benson, Hannah Stitzlein

An earlier version of this manuscript was presented by the authors at the biennial conference of the Association of College and Research Libraries, April 13, 2019. The authors wish to acknowledge the Research and Publication Committee of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library, which provided support for the completion of this research. ...

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The Gender Wage Gap in Research Libraries

Heather A. Howard, Meara H. Habashi, Jason B. Reed

The gender wage gap impacts millions of women throughout the US and world, with women in the US making on average 82 percent of men’s salaries (US Census Bureau, 2018). In research libraries, a field dominated by women, this has historically been true as well, with men rising to top positions at a higher rate and making more money than women in the same positions. Over the decades following the implementation of Affirmative Action ...

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