College & Research Libraries is a scholarly research journal published by the Association of College & Research Libraries.

Current Issue: April 2020

Cover: College & Research Libraries volume 81, number 3, April 2020

Special Issue Editors’ Introduction

Jill Becker, Sara Goek

In 2009, responding to a new level of challenges to academic libraries brought on by the recession, the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) created the Value of Academic Libraries (VAL) initiative and allocated funding for a systematic review of existing literature, resulting in the 2010 Value of Academic Libraries report by Megan Oakleaf. To take this work forward, the value of academic libraries became a goal in ACRL’s Plan for Excellence in 2011, with a committee dedicated to furthering work in that area. ...

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Students Helping Students: Creating and Evaluating a Collaborative Service Model in the Library

Theresa Westbrock, Angie Cox

This study identifies the successes and challenges associated with the addition of a nonlibrary service desk in a university library’s learning commons. The authors wanted to know whether a training and service collaboration with an outside unit could reliably and efficiently connect students to the librarians, academic support services, and other resources that they need; and if advanced skills (including information literacy) training could be successfully built into the existing infrastructure of academic support departments. The authors identified strategies to address barriers when maintaining and improving a collaborative relationship and a dual-desk service model. ...

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A Mixed-Methods Study of Library Communication with Online Students and Faculty Members

Nick Faulk, Emily Crist

To better understand, articulate, and improve the academic library’s impact on online populations, this two-phase mixed-method study examines library communication with online students and faculty. In phase I, online focus group participants responded to vignettes illustrating library communication scenarios. Results from phase I informed the creation of a questionnaire for phase II. ...

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Aligning Library Assessment with Institutional Priorities: A Study of Student Academic Performance and Use of Five Library Services

Penny Beile, Kanak Choudhury, Rachel Mulvihill, Morgan Wang

This large-scale study was conducted for the purposes of determining how representative library users are compared to the whole student population, to explore how library services contribute to student success, and to position the library to be included in the institution’s learning analytics landscape. ...

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Documenting the Value of Librarians in the Classroom: Results from a Mixed-Methods Research Collaboration with Campus Partners

M. Sara Lowe, Abby Currier, Steven Graunke

Scholarly publishing continues to be a prominent expectation for many academic librarians. This survey explores characteristics, behaviors, motivations, institutional supports, and educational opportunities that help library practitioners become successful authors. It also looks at perceived confidence in research skills of both novice and experienced librarians. ...

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Librarians and Administrators on Academic Library Impact Research: Characteristics and Perspectives

James Cheng, Starr Hoffman

This study surveyed librarians, researchers, administrators, and others engaged in research on the impact of academic libraries on student success. This study, sponsored by an ACRL Impact Grant, specifically sought to expand the ACRL Academic Library Impact report, which defined strategic directions for library impact research, largely defined from the perspective of high-level administrators. ...

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