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Current Issue: November 2018

Cover: College & Research Libraries November 2018

Is There a Racial Wage Gap in Research Libraries? An Analysis of ARL Libraries

Quinn Galbraith, Heather Kelley, Michael Groesbeck

Racial equality has been of great importance to the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), as seen through various initiatives. However, in recent years, little research has been done regarding the racial wage gap in ARL libraries. Researchers used thirty-five years of raw ARL salary survey data to examine the wage gap between racial minorities and nonminorities (whites). ...

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Lived Experience of Academic Librarians of Color

Juleah Swanson, Azusa Tanaka, Isabel Gonzalez-Smith

Lived experience encompasses the perceptions, feelings, and context of an individual’s human experience. Researching lived experience can be a way of understanding identity, emotions, perceptions, and contexts to develop a more thoughtful understanding of human experience. This research explores the following questions: what are the lived experiences of people of color who work as academic librarians in the profession; what are the contexts of their experiences; and how do these librarians see themselves? ...

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Parallel Lines: A Mixed Methods Impact Analysis of Co-Curricular Digital Literacy Online Modules on Student Results in First-Year Nursing

Fiona Russell, Chris Rawson, Chrissy Freestone, Michael Currie, Blair Kelly

An important component of the academic health librarian role is the establishment of interventions to support the development of student skills in evidence-based practice. It is important for practicing librarians to evaluate their activities to determine effectiveness and to inform decision making and best practice in librarianship. A series of six online modules was developed for a core first-year Bachelor of Nursing unit. ...

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The Right to Be Forgotten and Implications on Digital Collections: A Survey of ARL Member Institutions on Practice and Policy

Virginia Dressler, Cindy Kristof

In the spring of 2017, digital librarians and digital collection managers at member institutions of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) were surveyed on practices and policies surrounding takedown requests in openly accessible digital collections. The survey collected basic demographic information surrounding the digital repositories (anonymized) and presented a series of hypothetical scenarios for respondents to consider and reflect upon. ...

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Academic Librarians’ Experiences and Perceptions on Mental Illness Stigma and the Workplace

Erin Burns, Kristin E. C. Green

Research has been conducted within academia about faculty members and students who have experienced mental illness from a variety of theoretical perspectives, including disability studies. While this research acknowledges that the stigma surrounding mental illness keeps people from sharing their experiences, there has not been research that focused specifically on librarians in higher education. ...

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Implementing the ACRL Framework: Reflections from the Field

Don Latham, Melissa Gross, Heidi Julien

an exploratory study, interviews were conducted with fifteen librarians to learn about their perceptions of and experiences with the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. Participants reported that they are implementing the Framework implicitly rather than explicitly, and their instruction has become more interactive and hands on. A key strategy to success has been getting buy-in from other librarians and faculty. ...

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