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Current Issue: March 2021

Cover: College & Research Libraries volume 82, number 2, March 2021

Good Will Hunting, Intellectual Humility, and Conversations in Quarantine

Wendi A. Kaspar

Let me preface this editorial by saying that it has been a strange few weeks on top of an “unprecedented” year of both disruption and realization—which has all led to some interesting conversations and reflection recently. ...

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University Libraries as Advocates for Latin American Indigenous Languages and Cultures

Kathia Ibacache

The revitalization of Latin American Indigenous languages started many years ago, but only some university libraries in the United States have taken steps to advocate for preservation, access, inclusion, and diversity through collection building covering these languages and cultures. ...

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Aha Moments and Continued Confusion: An Analysis of Threshold Concepts through Student Reflections in the ACRL Framework

Nicole C. Eva, Marissa S. Rocca, D. Bruce MacKay

With the advent of the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education in 2015, librarians everywhere have tried to adapt their existing information literacy sessions to incorporate the revised concepts. This article discusses how the librarian responsible for a series of four labs in a first-year course reformed the lab content around the six ACRL Frames. ...

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Collection Development in the Era of Big Deals

Philippe Mongeon, Kyle Siler, Antoine Archambault, Cassidy R. Sugimoto, Vincent Larivière

Drawing on an original methodology using citations, downloads, and survey data, this paper analyzes journal usage patterns across 28 Canadian universities. Results show that usage levels vary across disciplines and that different academic platforms varied in their importance to different institutions, with for-profit platforms generally exhibiting lower usage. ...

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Sexual Harassment at University of California Libraries: Understanding the Experiences of Library Staff Members

Jill Barr-Walker, Courtney Hoffner, Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco, Nisha Mody

In the first study measuring sexual harassment experiences of academic library employees at a single institution, we conducted a census of 1,610 nonstudent employees at the 10-campus University of California Libraries system. This anonymous online survey ...

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Can’t Pay Won’t Pay: The Case for Economic Disobedience and Debt Abolition

Reviewed by Jaime Taylor

While focus on the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic means that parts of this book will, we hope, soon feel dated, Can’t Pay Won’t Pay captures the economic zeitgeist of the early 21st century. A mere five chapters and just over 150 pages, the brevity of the book makes it an accessible introduction to the reasons so many individuals, communities, and even countries have found themselves deeply in debt. ...

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