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Current Issue: January 2021

Cover: College & Research Libraries volume 82, number 1, January 2021

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The Impact of Library Instruction on Undergraduate Student Success: A Four-Year Study

Jennifer Rowe, Julie Leuzinger, Carol Hargis, Karen R. Harker

During a four-year period, librarians collected student data by card-swiping undergraduate students who attended one of the core English composition class-based one-shot instruction sessions provided at a large state-supported doctoral-granting university. ...

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Communicating Collections Cancellations to Campus: A Qualitative Study

Jaclyn McLean, Diane Dawson, Charlene Sorensen

Academic libraries around the world are cancelling big deal journal subscriptions at an increasing rate. This is primarily due to budgetary challenges, the unsustainable hyperinflationary pricing of these packages, and a need to move toward new open access models. ...

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Collecting First-Generation Voices in Academic Libraries and Archives

Blake Graham, Stefani Baldivia, William Cuthbertson, Kendall Leon, Jane Monson, Jay Trask

First-generation college students have a profound impact both inside and outside the classroom on the strategic goals of universities, yet in-depth, firsthand information about their experiences are difficult for researchers and university administrators to find. ...

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Academic Impact of Articles by Practitioners in the Field of Library and Information Science

Yu-Wei Chang

This study measured the relative academic impact of articles by LIS practitioners by analyzing library and information science articles published between 2005 and 2014. The results revealed that, although practitioners were not the main knowledge contributors...

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Student-Centered Design: Creating LibGuides Students Can Actually Use

Amy E.G. Barker, Ashley T. Hoffman

In this mixed-methods study, librarians at Kennesaw State University Library System conducted a year-long design research project to create a flexible subject guide “blueprint” for undergraduate students using LibGuides. ...

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Honors Students and Thesis Research: A Study of Information Literacy Practices and Self-Efficacy at the End of Students’ Undergraduate Careers

Ann Medaille, Molly Beisler, Rayla E. Tokarz, Rosalind Bucy

This study explored the information literacy practices of undergraduate students conducting research for their Honors theses in their final year of study. Data was collected from 11 Honors students during several months through four rounds of open-ended ...

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Increasing Student Attendance at Library Workshops: What the Data Tells Us

Richelle L. Witherspoon, Philip O.L. Taber

With attendance rates at library workshops and events in decline, the authors looked to data from practice to help the field move forward. Using survey responses from providers of 161 library workshops across Canada and the United States ...

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