College & Research Libraries is a scholarly research journal published by the Association of College & Research Libraries.

Current Issue: September 2020

Cover: College & Research Libraries volume 81, number 6, September 2020

Qualitative Analysis of Faculty Opinions on and Perceptions of Research Impact Metrics

Caitlin Bakker, Kristen Cooper, Allison Langham-Putrow, Jennifer McBurney

We present a qualitative analysis of the results of a survey of faculty and researchers at a large Midwestern R1 university around their understanding of and attitudes toward scholarly metrics. The survey included opportunities for participants ...

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Transitioning to Open Access: An Evaluation of the UK Springer Compact Agreement Pilot 2016–2018

Mafalda Marques, Graham Stone

This article analyzes the UK’s first “read and publish” journals agreement. The Springer Compact Agreement pilot ran from 2016 to 2018. The authors outline the methodology and data sources used to undertake a detailed analysis of the agreement. ...

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Forgotten Hispano-American Literature: Representation of Hispano-American Presses in Academic Libraries

Kathia Salomé Ibacache Oliva, Javier Alonso Muñoz-Diaz, Caitlin M. Berry, Eric A. Vance

As inclusion becomes a growing standard for universities in the United States, data extracted from OCLC suggest that university libraries in the United States build their Spanish-language collections with books purchased primarily in Spain and Mexico. This overlooks presses from 19 other Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas. ...

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Developing a Framework to Improve Information and Digital Literacy in a Bachelor of Paramedic Science Entry-to-Practice Program

Nigel Christopher Barr, Bill Lord, Belinda Flanagan, Roger Carter

The aims of this research were threefold: (1) explore the perceptions of paramedic educators regarding information literacy education (ILE); (2) reveal the information literacy (IL) abilities of paramedic science students; and (3) develop an integrated IL framework for paramedicine. ...

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Reflections on Collective Collections

Brian Lavoie, Lorcan Dempsey, Constance Malpas

Collective collections are multiple local collections described and/or managed as a single collection. Constructing, understanding, and operationalizing collective collections is an increasingly important aspect of collection management for many libraries. ...

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Privacy Issues in Libraries with Online Services: Attitudes and Concerns of Academic Librarians and University Students in Ghana

Bright Kwaku Avuglah, Christopher M. Owusu-Ansah, Gloria Tachie-Donkor, Eugene Baah Yeboah

This study surveyed librarians’ and students’ attitudes, perceptions, and concerns on privacy in Ghanaian universities with the aim of seeking a better alignment of their perspectives in the online library context. The study adapted and applied the instrument developed by Zimmer that assessed attitudes and practices ...

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International Scholarly Activity among Academic Librarians in the United States

Anna Kozlowska, Jung Mi Scoulas

The extent of U.S. librarians’ collaboration with international partners in the area of scholarly activity and research publications is still unexplored. Guided by Jane Knight’s “At Home” framework for international research and scholarly activity, this study examines the extent of scholarly activity between librarians from the United States ...

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