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Current Issue: March 2019

Cover: College & Research Libraries volume 80, number 2, March 2019

Global Scholarship

Wendi Arant Kaspar

Between one thing and another, globalization is a lot on my mind these days.

The primary reason hits close to home—my 16-year-old daughter is going to be heading off on student cultural exchange in a few months—to Thailand. We are all very excited that she has this opportunity that will broaden her understanding of the world in a way that school can’t approach. ...

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Eighteen Blind Library Users’ Experiences with Library Websites and Search Tools in U.S. Academic Libraries: A Qualitative Study

Adina Mulliken

Telephone interviews were conducted with 18 blind academic library users around the United States about their experiences using their library and its website. The study uses the perspective that blind users’ insights are fundamental. A common theme was ...

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Systemic Workplace Barriers for Academic Librarians with Disabilities

Joanne Oud

Although studies related to diversity within librarianship as a profession are increasing, few have examined librarians with disabilities—and none so far have included their voices or perspectives. This qualitative study involved interviews with ten academic librarians with disabilities in Canada. With a grounding in the social model of disability ...

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Experiences of Academic Librarians Serving as Interim Library Leaders

Kathy M. Irwin, Susann deVries

Using a mixed-methods approach, the researchers explored the experiences of 108 academic librarians who served as interim library leaders at U.S. institutions of higher education between 2012 and 2017. Statistical analysis showed no associations between gender, type of institution, or degree-granting level with the duration of interim service or whether a respondent ...

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Replicable Services for Reproducible Research: A Model for Academic Libraries

Franklin Sayre, Amy Riegelman

Over the past decade, evidence from disciplines ranging from biology to economics has suggested that many scientific studies may not be reproducible. This has led to declarations in both the scientific and lay press that science is experiencing a “reproducibility crisis” and that this crisis has consequences for the extent to which ...

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Mapping Out a Strategy: Curriculum Mapping Applied to Outreach and Instruction Programs

Sarah LeMire, Stephanie J. Graves

Academic libraries use two common methods to reach first-year students: outreach activities and library instruction. The purpose of this study was to discover if curriculum mapping techniques commonly used in library instruction could be applied to outreach to explore the synergies and differences between programs. The project demonstrated ...

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