College & Research Libraries is a scholarly research journal published by the Association of College & Research Libraries.

Current Issue: June 2021

Cover: College & Research Libraries volume 82, number 4, June 2021

Impostor Phenomenon and Skills Confidence among Scholarly Communications Librarians in the United States

Erin Elizabeth Owens

This survey-based study sought to measure the experience of impostor phenomenon among library personnel supporting scholarly communications in academic libraries in the United States. ...

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Epistemology of Teaching Librarians: Examining the Translation of Beliefs to Practice

Mary K. Oberlies, Maoria J. Kirker, Janna Mattson, Jason Byrd

How do the personal epistemological beliefs of instruction librarians inform their teaching practices? By learning about their personal beliefs about knowledge acquisition, are librarians better equipped to create an environment more conducive to student learning? ...

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Specialized Regional Conferences Support the Professional Development Needs of Subject Librarians: A 5-Year Analysis of the Great Lakes Science Boot Camps for Librarians

Bethany McGowan, Jenny Hart, Karen Hum

Conference attendance can play an important role in supporting the professional development of subject librarians by offering opportunities that allow librarians to learn about new services, strategies, and technologies while growing and maintaining professional networks. ...

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Reverting Hegemonic Ideology: Research Librarians and Information Professionals as “Critical Editors” of Wikipedia

Paul Thomas

While many LIS publications have focused on Wikipedia, no LIS study has used intersectional class analysis to consider the site as a transmitter and reproducer of hegemonic ideology. ...

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Dark Archives: A Librarian’s Investigation into the Science and History of Books Bound in Human Skin

Reviewed by Diane Dias De Fazio

Dark Archives: A Librarian’s Investigation into the Science and History of Books Bound in Human Skin begins with a flashback, transporting readers to the exhibit halls of the Mütter Museum of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia ...

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Invisible Search and Online Search Engines: The Ubiquity of Search in Everyday Life

Reviewed by Eamon C. Tewell

What is the most recent thing you searched for online? A recipe to try? A favorite brand of clothes on sale? Contact information for your dentist’s office? A movie to watch? Jutta Haider and Olof Sundin, Professors of Information Studies at Lund University ...

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