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Current Issue: March 2018

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Forum • March 2016

College & Research Libraries Forum on Assessment in Action Special Issue

Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Julia Bauder, Kevin Engel, Phil Jones, and Brandy Whitlock

Join us for an author panel discussion on Action Research with authors of articles in the March 2016 College & Research Libraries special issue ...

Electronic Theses and Dissertations Programs: A Review of the Critical Success Factors

Behrooz Rasuli, Sam Solaimani, Mehdi Alipour-Hafezi

Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) programs have been recognized as one of the most effective channels through which theses and dissertations can be made available to academic communities and beyond. ETD program management, however, needs to be aware of the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) throughout the process of design and development of ETDs. ...

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Instruction and Outreach for Transfer Students: A Colorado Case Study

Lindsay Roberts, Megan E. Welsh, Brittany Dudek

Studies of transfer student success abound in higher education, yet few studies examine the role that academic libraries play in students’ transitions. This study explores the academic library services offered to transfer students in Colorado through a survey of librarians. What are barriers to offering these services? How do library professionals perceive instruction and outreach to transfer students? ...

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Shame: The Emotional Basis of Library Anxiety

Erin L. McAfee

In 1986, Constance Mellon found that 75 to 85 percent of undergraduate students experienced library anxiety as well as shame about their anxiety. Fifteen years earlier, Helen Block Lewis began her groundbreaking research in shame theory. This paper explores the affective components of library anxiety using the pioneering research of Constance Mellon, Helen Block Lewis, and others. ...

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Survey of Information Literacy Instructional Practices in U.S. Academic Libraries

Heidi Julien, Melissa Gross, Don Latham

An online survey sent to the community of professional librarians in the United States who provide information literacy instruction in academic libraries provided insights into their practices and the challenges they face. ...

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Authentic Assessment of Student Learning in an Online Class: Implications for Embedded Practice

Jessica Alverson, Jennifer Schwartz, Sue Shultz

According to the 2017 Distance Education Enrollment Report, the number of students enrolled in online courses has been increasing year after year, with over 6 million students taking at least one online course in 2015. ...

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The Right to Be Forgotten and Implications on Digital Collections: A Survey of ARL Member Institutions on Practice and Policy

Virginia Dressler, Cindy Kristof

In the spring of 2017, digital librarians and digital collection managers at Association of Research Libraries (ARL) member institutions were surveyed on practices and policies surrounding takedown requests in openly accessible digital collections. ...

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