College & Research Libraries is a scholarly research journal published by the Association of College & Research Libraries.

Current Issue: May 2020

Cover: College & Research Libraries volume 81, number 4, May 2020

Work/Life Unbalanced

Wendi Arant Kaspar

Everyone’s personal and professional lives have changed significantly over the past month or so and it feels like real life took a vacation and never came back, leaving us with… whatever this is. ...

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Exploring the Research and Library Needs of Student-Parents

Rachel E. Scott, Brannen Varner

This paper presents the results of focus groups conducted with student-parents at the University of Memphis. The objective of this study was to explore the research services and library spaces student-parents need to thrive in higher education settings. The results identify several ways in which academic librarians can support student-parents’ research needs and contribute directly to their academic success. ...

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The Gender Wage Gap in Research Libraries

Heather A. Howard, Meara H. Habashi, Jason B. Reed

The gender wage gap impacts millions of women throughout the US and world, with women in the US making on average 82 percent of men’s salaries (US Census Bureau, 2018). In research libraries, a field dominated by women, this has historically been true as well, with men rising to top positions at a higher rate and making more money than women in the same positions. Over the decades following the implementation of Affirmative Action ...

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Getting into the Club: Existence and Availability of Mentoring for Tenured Librarians in Academic Libraries

Juliann Couture, Jennie Gerke, Jennifer Knievel

Great attention has been devoted to mentoring for early-career librarians, but little has been paid to the post-tenure experience of academic librarians. Researchers sought to understand the mentoring experiences and barriers to promotion for academic librarians who hold faculty status at public R1 institutions. ...

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A Question of Time: Sociotemporality in Academic Libraries

Lora L. Lennertz, Phillip J. Jones

The clock and calendar regulate many library activities, but the seasonal and temporal dimensions of libraries are largely unexplored. Intrigued by observations of colleagues’ temporal attitudes and behavior, the authors drew on the work of sociologist Eviatar Zerubavel to investigate the perceptions of time ...

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Analysis of an Open Textbook Adoption in an American History Course: Impact on Student Academic Outcomes and Behaviors

Penny Beile, Aimee deNoyelles, John Raible

Textbook costs can have a significant impact on the purchasing behaviors and academic success of higher education students. Open textbooks promise significant cost savings, yet perceptions about quality and efficacy still linger. ...

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