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Current Issue: September 2021

Cover: College & Research Libraries volume 82, number 6, September 2021

In Pursuit of My Book

Bryn Geffert

I want a copy of my book.

I once had print copies. My publisher kindly sent me 10 gratis. I gave most to friends and family. None of those recipients—but for my loyal father and earnest brother-in-law—read them. Yet demand exists in more remote and specialized realms. I recall the destitute graduate student in Siberia who, several years ago, wrote me asking for an electronic copy of my previous book. Having none, I shelled out $60 to Amazon for a print copy and then shipped that copy at my expense across the Urals. ...

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Women Academic Library Leadership in Pakistan: A Qualitative Study on the Journey of Career Progression and Serving the Community

Murtaza Ashiq, Shafiq Ur Rehman, Sadaf Rafiq, Muhammad Tariq

Women library professionals are greatly underrepresented in key leadership positions, especially in the developing countries. This study explored the women academic library leadership in Pakistan and investigated the major challenges faced by women leaders during their ascending to the top, the key indicator of their success ...

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Perception of Work-Life Balance among Married Female Librarians in University Libraries in South-East Nigeria

Ijeoma J. Ibegbulam, Anthonia N. Ejikeme

This survey study discusses the perception of work-life balance among married female academic librarians in university libraries in South-East Nigeria. Purposive sampling technique was used to select 90 married female academic librarians from a population of 150 female academic librarians working in the university libraries. ...

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A Qualitative Study of Undergraduate STEM Majors’ Copyright Knowledge and Educational Experiences

Sara Rachel Benson, Kelli Trei, Merinda Kaye Hensley

This study sought to better understand students’ grasp of complex copyright issues. Thirty-one undergraduate STEM students were interviewed to learn more regarding what students know about basic copyright and how they learned what they know about it. The interviews revealed that students often conflate aspects of copyright and plagiarism. ...

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Analyzing Service Divide in Academic Libraries for Better Serving Disabled Patrons Using Assistive Technologies

Devendra Potnis, Kevin Mallary

Academic libraries invest thousands of dollars in assistive technologies (AT) for enhancing the delivery of information services to disabled patrons. However, offering AT might not result in their use by the patrons who need them, thereby leading to a service divide. The analysis of qualitative responses, including more than 1,400 quotations ...

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Black Utopias: Speculative Life and the Music of Other Worlds

Reviewed by Jennifer Brown

Among texts that examine Black embodiment—that examine our existence beyond and transcendence from the horrific bounds of State-sanctioned supremacies—Black Utopias stands out. Beautifully layered, Jayna Brown connects the lived experiences and artistries of Black American preachers, speculative fiction authors, and jazz musicians ...

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