College & Research Libraries is a scholarly research journal published by the Association of College & Research Libraries.

Current Issue: November 2022

Cover: College & Research Libraries volume 83, number 6, November 2022

Investigating Nontraditional First-Year Students’ Epistemic Curiosity During the Research Process: An Exploratory, Mixed-Methods Study

Michelle Keba Knecht

The purpose of this exploratory, mixed-methods study was to investigate the relationship between nontraditional undergraduate students’ curiosity and their experiences researching a topic. The author collected and analyzed survey data and annotated bibliography rubric scores from 59 students at a private, liberal arts university and conducted in-depth interviews to gather a fuller picture of the students’ curiosity. Based on the study’s findings, librarians and professors should create opportunities for students to select research topics to which they have a personal connection while intentionally offering supportive feedback to students as they refine their topics to reduce anxiety and frustration. ...

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Preparing College Students for a Digital Age: A Survey of Instructional Approaches to Spotting Misinformation

Nadav Ziv, Emma Bene

Misinformation has become a regular feature of the Internet. Research suggests that everyone, including young people who have grown up with digital devices, struggles to differentiate fact from fiction online because they read closely rather than turning to external sources. We analyzed the resources students find when they seek advice offered by college or university websites on evaluating the credibility of online information. A random sample of 50 universities indicated that, for nearly all institutions, students are advised to engage in close reading to determine credibility. We conclude by recommending that institutions overhaul how they teach students to evaluate online sources. ...

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Invisible Labor, Invisible Value: Unpacking Traditional Assessment of Academic Library Value

Rachel Ivy Clarke et al.

Academic libraries face mounting pressure to demonstrate their value to stakeholders, yet traditional assessments of their financial value ignore the work of librarians and library staff in producing usable collections and services for patrons. Through a survey of US academic library workers, we examine the range, scope, and financial value of labor performed in US academic libraries. Our findings reveal ways in which traditional assessment mechanisms render this labor invisible to stakeholders. We argue that making this labor more visible will help better communicate the value of academic libraries and ignite conversations about reducing workload and stress for library workers. ...

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Together, Apart: Communication Dynamics among Academic Librarians during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Maryellen Nash et al.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations into rapid transition to virtual workplace settings. Librarians at the University of South Florida conducted a study to discover trends in team communication dynamics among academic librarians working remotely during this period. This study was motivated by a desire to gauge the perceived degree of positive or negative impact on group communication dynamics and connectedness before and after the transition, with attention paid to factors that inform team communication. ...

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From Pathfinder to Indigenized: An Assessment of LibGuides for Indigenous Studies by ARL Member Institutions

Kristen J. Nyitray, Dana Reijerkerk

LibGuides is a popular web platform to thematically curate and promote information sources. While guides bridge curricular and research objectives to library collections, there is little discussion about Indigenizing content and design as a decolonization strategy. The study identified and evaluated 357 guides for Indigenous Studies (IS) created by members of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). Data compiled from Springshare’s LibGuides Community and ARL member webpages was analyzed for Indigenous representation, content, and user experience (UX) against a rubric of Indigenous critical pedagogical practices and protocols. ...

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The Black Librarian in America: Reflections, Resistance, and Reawakening

Reviewed by April M. Hathcock

It was with delight that I accepted the offer to write a review for the latest iteration of The Black Librarian in America. As a proud Black librarian in America and a lifetime member of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA), I have read the previous versions of this collection hungrily, inspired by the stories of other librarians whose experiences overlap, differ, and connect in power to my own. ...

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