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Current Issue: July 2017

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Forum • March 2016

College & Research Libraries Forum on Assessment in Action Special Issue

Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Julia Bauder, Kevin Engel, Phil Jones, and Brandy Whitlock

Join us for an author panel discussion on Action Research with authors of articles in the March 2016 College & Research Libraries special issue ...

The Signaling Value of Peer Review

Wendi Arant Kaspar

It is an exciting (and scary) time to be an editor and involved in authorship and publishing. There are so many new developments and initiatives that push the traditional boundaries of knowledge and information. The web is very democratic—Anyone can publish anything. This may take the form of digital scholarship, on one hand—or alternative facts, on the other. ...

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Assessing the User Experience of E-Books in Academic Libraries?

Tao Zhang, Xi Niu, Marlen Promann

We report findings from an assessment of e-book user experience (search and information seeking) from usage data and user tests. The usage data showed that most reading sessions were brief and focused on certain pages, suggesting that users mainly use e-books to find specific information. ...

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Is the Library’s Online Orientation Program Effective with English Language Learners?

Frans Albarillo

In this paper, the author examines four years of assessment data (N=4,786) from Brooklyn College’s Library Online Orientation Program (LOOP; url:, which is used to provide all English 1010 students with an orientation to the library, to see if English language learners (ELLs) are performing as well as their non-ELL peers. ...

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Academic Uses of Video Games: A Qualitative Assessment of Research and Teaching Needs at a Large Research University

Shannon L. Farrell, Amy E. Neeser, Carolyn Bishoff

Academic libraries develop collections and services for scholars who use video games in teaching and research. However, there are no assessments of related information and technology needs. The authors conducted 30 semistructured interviews to gather data about these needs and understand how the University of Minnesota Libraries can facilitate access to games and technology. ...

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Still a Deadly Disease? Performance Appraisal Systems in Academic Libraries in the United States

Glenn Ellen Starr Stilling, Allison S. Byrd, Emily Rose Mazza, and Shawn M. Bergman

Performance appraisal of professional librarians in academic libraries is important because of their critical role in ensuring that the library’s resources and services are effective, relevant, and integrated within the parent institution. ...

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Exploring the Research Mindset and Information-Seeking Behaviors of Undergraduate Music Students

Joe C. Clark and Jennifer Johnstone

This article examines the mindset and process of undergraduate music majors conducting research in their discipline. While working with students in a writingintensive music history class, the authors conducted several surveys, focus groups, and task-based assessments. ...

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