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Forum • March 2016

College & Research Libraries Forum on Assessment in Action Special Issue

Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Julia Bauder, Kevin Engel, Phil Jones, and Brandy Whitlock

Join us for an author panel discussion on Action Research with authors of articles in the March 2016 College & Research Libraries special issue ...

Autism and the Academic Library: A Study of Online Communication

Amelia Anderson

Increased prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnoses within the general population is reflected in the growing number of college and university students with ASD. This exploratory study used an unobtrusive qualitative content analysis design to explore the experiences of students with ASD in academic libraries. ...

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Information Code-Switching: A Study of Language Preferences in Academic Libraries

Frans Albarillo

Initially coined by sociolinguists, the term code-switching refers to the alternation of languages by multilinguals. Code-switching is an active research area that has significant implications for academic libraries. ...

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Information Privilege Outreach for Undergraduate Students

Sarah Hare, Cara Evanson

Through their affiliation with an institution of higher education, undergraduate students are able to access a range of research materials and, as a result, enter the scholarly conversation and build upon existing research. This ability to access information that others cannot is called information privilege. ...

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Intellectual Freedom in Academic Libraries: Surveying Deans about Its Significance

Shannon M. Oltmann

In this study, deans and directors of academic libraries were surveyed about intellectual freedom. The survey found that most respondents said they rarely think about intellectual freedom yet said it was “somewhat” or “very” important in their libraries. Most did not have formal intellectual freedom policies; they often relied on statements from the American Library Association or other library organizations. ...

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Exploring the Value of Academic Librarians’ Participation in Journal Clubs

Megan Fitzgibbons, Lorie Kloda, Andrea Miller-Nesbitt

Journal clubs are meetings where participants engage in discussion or appraisal of professional literature and research. This study investigates the perceived value of librarians’ participation in journal clubs. ...

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The Impact of Academic Library Resources on Undergraduates’ Degree Completion

The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of first-year undergraduates’ (n = 5,368) use of academic library resources in their first year on their degree completion or continued enrollment after four years of study. Propensity score matching techniques were used to construct treatment (library users) and control (library nonusers) groups with similar background characteristics and college experiences. ...

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