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Current Issue: May 2017

C&RL Fora

Forum • March 2016

College & Research Libraries Forum on Assessment in Action Special Issue

Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Julia Bauder, Kevin Engel, Phil Jones, and Brandy Whitlock

Join us for an author panel discussion on Action Research with authors of articles in the March 2016 College & Research Libraries special issue ...

Recently Published

Advancing an Open Ethos with Open Peer Review

Emily Ford

Open source. Open access. Open data. Open notebooks. Open government. Open educational resources. Open access workflows. To be open is to have a disposition favoring transparent and collaborative efforts. ...

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Academic Librarians’ Changing Perceptions of Faculty Status and Tenure

Elise Silva, Quinn Galbraith, Michael Groesbeck

This study explores how time and experience affect an academic librarian’s perception of tenure. Researchers surveyed 846 librarians at ARL institutions, reporting on institutions that offer both tenure and faculty status for their academic librarians or neither. ...

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Evaluation of Academic Library Residency Programs in the United States for Librarians of Color

Angela Boyd, Yolanda Blue, Suzanne Im

The purpose of this research was to evaluate academic library residency programs that successfully recruit and retain academic librarians of color. This study examines library residencies in the United States and discusses findings of two nationwide surveys. ...

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Research in the Real World: Improving Adult Learners Web Search and Evaluation Skills through Motivational Design and Problem-Based Learning

Lindsay Roberts

How can we better engage adult learners during information literacy sessions? How do we increase students’ perception of the relevance and importance of information literacy skills for academic work and life in the real world? ...

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The World's Approach towards Publishing in Springer and Elsevier's APC-Funded Open Access Journals

Hajar Sotudeh, Zahra Ghasempour

The Open Access reform movement emerged to pave the way to optimize public access to information, and eliminate commercial publishers’ monopoly over the flow of information [1]. Following the resistance of commercial publishers as one of the most powerful interest groups in the scientific publication sphere certain boycotts were imposed ...

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Outcomes Assessment in Undergraduate Information Literacy Instruction: A Systematic Review

Allison Erlinger

There is a well-established need for academic libraries to demonstrate their impact on student learning, particularly through the application of measurable outcomes in information literacy instruction (ILI). Recent literature is replete with articles both outlining the importance of well designed assessment as an integral part of ILI and providing examples of the methods being used at particular institutions. ...

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